Is there any way to prevent clan members from joining kingdom armies?

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I like to set up one or more of my clan parties to hunt bandits, both to keep friendly areas free of bandits and to increase their skills in a low-risk environment. I give them a few troops, a low max party wage, and set them to defensive stance. Almost without fail they end up in the next army that forms.

So far the only way I can think to prevent this is to personally set them up with a limited number of high tier troops, then setting the wage limit to match the current number of troops so they can't rise above the 40% threshold to join an army.

Any chance a future update could include a patrol system or a way to tell clan parties to not join armies?


More control over your clan parties would be a great addition, but they have said when asking for these kinds of things that they do not want to make it too 'complex' for us. A lot of folks have taken that to mean for the console crowd/version of the game, but I have my doubts that is where they make a distinction.

Here is a mod solution if you are unaware of it. By talking to your clan party's leader you can give them orders to not join armies, to not raid settlements/attack civilians, etc, etc.

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I'd love a checkbox in the party screen...

[ ] Patrol home fiefs (this party will not join armies, max one per clan)

We're required to supply troops by feudal obligation, which is understandable, but surely we could spare one party to keep on top of looters etc. It might help with caravan and village party survivability as well, and also harden factions to roaming armies - always having parties near home.
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