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Is there any solid confirmation that game will be fixed?

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I managed to dig out some really sparse information on upcoming changes from all the fights between haters and dickriders but out of all this mess I still haven't managed to extract a direct confirmation that the combat will in fact be FIXED. Like, make it enjoyable and fun kind of fixed. Have I missed something or is everyone clinging on this whole "adjustment of combat parameters" that may as well mean the **** will stay **** but will have a slightly different color?


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I think you just have to wait and check out the Developers Blog. Even if they don't talk about something officially it doesn't mean that they're not working on it. For my experience, TW really works hard on every aspect of the game and everything will come out through the patch notes and official channel.


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Depends on what you mean under "fixed". They are certainly making some changes, however they aren't necessarily going to be what you imagine.
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