Is there an upper tier limit to prisoners "converting" to your troops?

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Just wondering what the mechanic is for prisoners becoming available to join your company. I have had numerous prisoners convert and I find it a very useful "recruitment" technique! However it seems that higher level prisoners don't convert.

I have some Tier 6 Elite Cataphracts that are not converting. What factors influence this? Is it Player character stats, number of prisoners, prisoner tier, etc? I know it takes a certain amount of battle experience and time but what other factors are involved? If tier 6 prisoners never convert then they are just taking up space and I should ransom them instead. I just don't want to ransom these guys if I have a way to incorporate them into my own troops!

Thanks for any input!
Tier 5/6 do not gain compliance currently. There are mods to fix this if you look for other bug reports.

Thanks for the reply

I was wondering if that was the case. Pretty sure that some of the Tier 5's had converted but I may be mistaken. I will keep a closer watch on the tier 5 prisoners and remove all the 6's for the moment. Pity they would be a nice addition!!
I dragged a Vlandian Sharpshooter and Sargent around for a whole month and they never became recruitable. I figured that tier 5 troops couldn't be recruited as prisoner. I sold them for 600 denars instead.
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