Is there an option to start battle dismounted?

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So I've seen many lords and ladies in their horses when in the world map, but when time of sieges they appear without horse, and also there are skills and modifiers which affect when starting in foot to battle like athletics. And my thing is, there is a way or option in which you can start a fight without your horse or I need to remove it from equipment. I mean it will be great if there's an option in the future for this, just for sieges, immersiveness and modifiers sake.

AI troops do not spawn with horses in siege scenes. You can gain athletic skill by dismounting and fighting on foot after the battle starts, i do it all the time in sieges, and its usually where the bulk of my athletic skill gain comes from.
You can access your inventory in the pre-fight scene. So if it really bothers you, you can dismount then.

As far as starting on foot for bonuses, none of those seem to work as of yet.
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