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Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

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Is there an official way to report a downed server? Personally only prefer playing on the Siege (EU) server and it has a habit of randomly crashing and disappearing from the server list. This can last over an hour before it reappears again.

Not a large fan of the TDM mosh-pit mode, Captain or Skirmish. I have no idea why these modes were chosen over the more popular Battle, Invasion and Duel modes (current knock off Duel mode doesn't count).


If they made a tool it would instantly be flooded since the servers hate staying online. TW could also easily make a C&C server that detects when servers aren't coming back up without any user action.


Maybe, but you'd think it would be trivial to have it spin the servers back up after significant enough downtime is detected, which they definitely don't do lmao
Trivial may be an exaggeration, but its certainly doable.If they could provide the information (server IP) I'd more then happy to host an online-offline page with checks & notifications when they come back up...
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