Is there a way to make captains behave like enemy lords, saying safe ?

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I noticed that enemy lords are pretty good at staying alive : they are on their horse behind the infantry and often "hide" in their infantry line when we try to focus them. This behaviour makes sense.

Instead, the heroes we assign to formations to be captains are pretty bad at staying alive. If they're on a horse, they will not move with their formation but instead rush to any point you tell them to go to. If you tell them to take command they most likely will charge to their death.
Of course you can adapt their equipment to their formation (remove horse) but then they are just another soldier, and they have no way to stay safe given that they are guaranteed to be here from the start of the battle. As a result, even in easy wins they often fall.

I think captains should have a safer behaviour similar to enemy nobles. Am I missing a way to do that ?
Having the heroes retreat from every battle to avoid losing them is not very fun. I want to play with death on, but only if captains' behaviour makes sense.

Note that it's even worse in armies :
- we can't assign captain roles (it seems random, since it doesn't take formation, equipment or skills into account),
- enemy lords seem to act like our captains, so they have the same issues, except the army leader.
- sieges are a death trap for heroes, even more than usual since formations are mixed up.


heck hoping they make your ai armies on the campaign map better too. i usually have to roll around with my guys 24/7 so they dont go off and suicide in idiot fashion...


Necroing because this is important now that we can assign captains. Did anyone find solutions for this? Maybe mods?
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