Is there a way to look up threads/posts from developers?

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I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to filter the "latest posts" feature to only show posts from TW employees (given that sometimes things are communicated in posts buried inside threads). I had a look at the advanced search thinking that maybe it would already be a thing, but it's either not there or I can't figure it out :lol:.

So my questions are: 1) Is this a thing? 2) If as I suspect it is not possible currently, would it be easy to add, and would people be interested in it? I think it would be useful myself but what do I know, I am just some guy.

Edit: to be clear, what I mean with show posts from TW employees I mean from all employees, not just one particular dev (that one obviously is easy).
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I couldn't find the list of devs from the link MadVader provided but I believe, I follow most of them so you can follow whom I follow if you want.
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