Is there a possibility of adding sexism to Bannerlord?

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While this was a really minor feature in warband, it added some flavour to the social aspects game by making all male lords making some sexist remarks when they talk to you + the player requiring higher renown for becoming a vassal. While I don't care about the higher renown because I believe that the game is already grindy enough in that aspect, I think adding new text to male lords speaking down to a female player character would make the game more colourful. If people want playing as a woman to be more challenging, there are alternative ways such as decreasing the party size increase from reaching tier 1 & tier 2 clan ranks and then equalizing it with extra party size increase in tiers 3 & 4.

Of course, this is not the only way that flavour can be added to the game. One great way of adding it would be having randomized hometowns/villages within the culture for companions and the companions starting dialogue detailing the lore of the place. This lore already exists in the encyclopaedia, where only a handful of people will read. Injecting this lore and also having companion dialogues would bring a good deal of life into an otherwise colourless world.
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