Is there a Money Cap?

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I play on Ps4/Ps5.

In my Main Campaign i got a huge problem. I got 2 Billion 140 million gold and it seems to be the maximum you can have. Cause i saved my game just b4 the problem occurs. It seems that the day you cant have more then the amount i mentioned you loose all your money in a single day. So what happens you cant pay your soldiers wages anymore and every day they desert until you have noone left. What also happens is that all my caravans start making millions but it does not count cause i still cant pay the wages for my soldiers. And a odd thing is that my morale drops a huge amount like 100k+. Grtz Vaan.
I Solved the problem. I had the idea of giving away my money to a random guest in my town. This seemed to be working. I gave away a Billion to a random clan member of my enemies. First i made peace with the leader of the clan. I could not give him the money cause it seems making peace is bartering aswell. So i gave it to one of his clan members. i am glad this is fixed cause this is a playtrough of almost 2000 hours. Grtz Vaan.
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