Is there a modding Wiki?

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Hey guys,

Is there a modding Wiki With Tutorials and such? If not... maybe we could make one? I got a web server n all to host it.

- Phennexion
theres a wiki, doesn't currently have tutorials as far as i know, but i think you can edit it to add some...
theres tutorials all over these forums, most are in stickies or linked to from stickies, just dig around
also, if you go in the official mod forum and read the thread about the official mod tools, DL Python and the mod tools, you should be able to figure most things out on your own, the mod files are fairly simple and well-documented


I edited mbwiki once or twice, when I was doing a bit of M&B programming.

I added some refs to tutorials:

afaik, anyone can edit that wiki.

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