Is the facial hair during character creation ever going to be fixed?

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Its super annoying that a game that entered early access 2 years ago still has a glaring bug in its character creation. There are multiple short facial hair styles that just display as clean shaven. What gives? Why hasn't this basic feature been fixed in all this time? Its not like they lack the assets. I distinctly remember the 5 o clock shadow working as intended in one of the earlier builds but it was removed and replaced with a clean shave for some bizzare reason. Why?


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Yea, it´s hard to understand why TW needs so long to fix minor bugs like this that won´t break any other stuff if fixed.

Remember when it took them weeks to adjust some troop stats like infantry having a better a bow skill than 1h skill, modders took a few hours to fix it and TW weeks.

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We are aware of this issue but it does not have high priority among other critical and blocker issues sadly.
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