Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

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Sweet Jesus I think I'd lose my mind doing the tutorial hideout for 3 hours. :shock:
Well I hate even more than wasting time in tutorial seeing how my intended faction to join is getting hammered while I am too weak to help. While in tutorial time is stopped so after tutorial I will be more significant for a faction sooner:smile:


what I did was use the mod Bannerlord Tweaks (updated) you can change the character experience gain in many ways
but all i did was make it so i get 100% experience in Arena tournaments and practice matches. the normal value is 25% for tournaments and 3% for practice.
this way it made my companions level up quicker when they join in on the arena fights and it makes playing the practice fights more rewarding and fun.


@KingEroc1st That is excellent tweak man. I remember one time when they accidentaly made arena give You 100% of the normal experience and it was sooooo satisfying. Like it wasn't a matter of cheats, this experience was still earned through hard work and beating the crap out of arena folks but at least when starting a new campaign I had a way to train myself instead of having to hunt looters for months to come.

Also I would love to see retirement and importing characters mechanics from Warband. I tend to start new campaigns and make different decisions, see how things unravel differently but having to train your character from 0 every time is a bit tedious. Like I already have a few perfectly good characters, let me just use them instead of having to go through all of early game grinding again. I loved that mechanic in Warband and I had a few trained heros that I used to import every time I started a new campaign
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