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Is one health point the same value as one armour point?

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OK, so in terms of how killable a troop is...... a troop with a 50 point armour and 30 health is not the same difficulty to kill as say a troop with a 30 point armour but 50 health?

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Armor soaks damage. The damage soaked depends on the type, be it slashing, armor will soak a lot, if blunt, it won't. Check the module.ini in Native folder to see the soaking values and do your math.

A 50 armor unit with low hp would fare better against a sword user than a 30 armor with 50 health against the same sword user.
Thanks for clarification

Reason I was asking was because I was wondering if hypothetically, if you had only 1 item slot left but you had 2 troops who needed different armours, could you use the same armour for both but increase ones health to make up for the fact that their armour should be better. It seems that will not work though.
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