Is matchmaking good for Bannerlord?

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I feel like i prefer the server based approach to things. Much like Warband you might say. But I feel like matchmaking always takes more from a game than it gives. I dont have a strong argument here in any way its more so just my opinion. What do you think?
Once custom servers are implemented with their own minimods and the like I doubt matchmaking will see much play. Who's gonna queue up for Siege to be randomly assigned a side, stuck in a rigid class system when they can go play the Bannerlord equivalent of NeoGK Siege and choose their side and customize their character how they like.
What is lacking with having only dedicated servers is the progression of your multiplayer profile unless you are playing a mod or something. That's where matchmaking could potentially be better. It opens up for a competitive ranking system much better. I liked c-RPG in that it gave means to grind game after game (leveling progression). But as of now, leveling serves no purpose and there is no "higher cause" for grinding. I don't get "just one more game" urge.

Without something to aim for (be it profile level, badges, ranking, unlock skins), it is way too casual and matchmaking serves no purpose really. Then you could simply have dedicated servers you could casually hop into for a game or two like in Warband native.

I really hope they expand on a ranked or a similar competitive focused system where you effort and performance gets noticed. That's the only reason you have matchmaking.
There should be both. Matchmaking for a more competitive aspect and game modes like small battles, duels, groupfights just like on WBMM and also dedicated servers too for game modes like sieges, big battles, duel servers, training servers,... so that people could add more maps and have fun on the servers they're used to play on and add them to their favourites.
We need custom dedicated servers and server-side mods for absolute sure. But also matchmaking has it's purpose and IMHO that is creating an MM queue without friend stacks where it's actually fair and not having some clans micro-ing your fate.
Any measure to help people new to MP have at least a small tiny bit amount of fun once in a while is worth it to develop. So yes, I believe MM is of the utmost importance for MP. **** duels or whatever that game mode even is, I finally want to be able to learn the game.
It should only be for the competitive gamemode. Imagine if native had matchmaking all these years and people were still playing the same old dusty siege maps from launch. Many players would never have checked out the community servers with all their mods and custom maps which are a huge part of the games replayability.

Anything casual should be left to the community. It's the community alone that will have the dedication to administrate and innovate on their servers for 5+ years like they did in Warband.
Battle mode on dedicated servers with thier own communities was the most competitive gameplay for the australian players, dont need ranks to show whos best, just look at battle scoreboard and the people that can 1v10 with everybody watching them to see who actually knows how to fight... you recognise those people/clans and aim to be better. For example when i first picked up warband, a small clan called KEEN had the best players, everbody knew them and everyone strived to get on thier level.

This game will not be an esport no matter how hard they try(not trying at all btw), they must get away from this small lobby csgo matchmaking rubbish and let thier community take the reigns.
Personally I see no point in a "progression" system. A game should be good enough that it doesnt need some fake incentive to make you want to play it. The only incentive it should need is "because its fun". Thats how Warband and many other games are.

Matchmaking can be nice but I only see the point in an environment fulfilling either of the following
1.) The community is sufficiently large enough to support dividing players up based on skill
2.) Quality community server support is difficult or even impossible (console games for example)
M&B doesn't really fit either bill, so I feel like any effort will end up dead as soon as community servers are a thing.
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