Is it possible through the console to respawn 'vanished' clans or create new high tiered ones?

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Hey everyone,

I just want to know whether it's possible or not to 'resurrect' or re-spawn in clans which have disappeared wholesale due to a Kingdoms destruction?

On my current save playing as the Southern Empire, we wiped out Vlandia, Sturgia & Battania & the other two Emprie factions, but the AI didn't recruit any of their clans, and I could only manage to convince a couple to switch sides before the clans disappeared from the game.

It would be pretty cool to console command some back into the game to give it more variety, as at the moment there's barely any clans at all now, so most of the towns we've taken over are constantly experiencing loyalty issues due to the different governor culture.

I know there's a randomised "add clan" command which spawns in one male noble with cruel traits, but these guys aren't marrying at all and start out at Tier 0 with absolutely nothing. I've attempted this and given them fiefs & gold, but it would be far better to generate already established clans for example.
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