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Is it planned to add higher tier troops to the native game?

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Hey folks,
I love Mount and Blade since the first game!
But I always find the troop variety too poor within one faction.
Of course it is nice to have different cultures and therefore different troops but it's sag that they go only up until tier 6/7 for nobles.
The training to get high tier troops is quite fast, which is good but I would love to train them even higher and wonder if they planned to implement even higher tier troops?

Same with looters or bandits... Every looter party looks the same, wich makes especially the early game, if you did several playthroughs quite boring...

would be very nice to get an answer on this!


Sergeant at Arms
It would be nice to add more variety to the troop tree. I miss taiga bandits from warband, also deserter parties. The noble troop tree could be divided in two branches. Let's say the empire can choose between noble legionaire (foot), or cataphract archers/clibanarii. The sturgians can also use another branch for noble axemen (huscarls), and so on. I also miss more diversity on infantry units, like macemen, light&medium non-noble cavalry units for the empire, non-noble archers for battania.
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