Is it ok to use warband osp resources in blood and gold caribbean or ?

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I came to wonder that question a while ago, as I'd like to use some of the spectacular work I've seen in here in a little project of mine. As I'm not good at modelling or texturing (though have dabbled a little here and there have some basic knowledge of these and work on getting better at it) I've simply noticed that I often get better results much closer to my vision by using these already existing resources from this great community.

Of course, I think this question ultimately depends on the opinion of each osp's author, but as I have understood that Blood&Gold Caribbean is a separate game and Viking Conquest is an expansion of warband so I'd like to know what are the general rules on this matter.

Personally I'd actually rather work with viking conquest because it originally has different cultures with separate factions (not entirely unlike colonies or city-states) and I personally feel it's more enjoyable to play especially in land battles. But as I've had trouble getting it to work on my new computer, and as I finally bought the blood and gold caribbean despite the mixed reception and found that I like especially the zombie dlc's atmosphere (which is kinda close to my vision of a dark and gritty renaissance-exploration era sailpunk world using Da Vinci-like machinery) I thought that maybe I could work with that too.

Obviously I'd like to do this on bannerlord in time but I believe the nautical aspect is archetypical for the era/ feel of the setting I'm working toward and I at least of yet do not possess the skills to make such marvels on that engine. Anyway with good tides you will hear more of this soon, but for the moment an answer to this question would be greatly appreciated :smile:


Click on the Terms and rules at the bottom-right corner of the page -> Forum rules -> 2.6 modding

2.6 Modding
You can access our dedicated modding section through the Modding tab on the navigation bar above.

If you are considering joining our modding community, you should take note of the following: Many people here like to share and provide others with resources, and they will be marked as Open Source Projects (OSP). However, if you wish to include their work in your modification, you are required to credit them. Most OSPs can be used on this basis, but there are some that may ask you to contact the author (among other things) in order to gain permission. This is clarified in the opening post of the OSP and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission and provide proper credit for the resources that you use. It should also be clear that you cannot simply take things from other mods and use them in your own modification unless you have gained permission from the respective mod authors. Once you have permission, it cannot be redacted on a whim.

Should you lack permission for content and still offer it via download on this forum or another platform, it will be considered theft and result in your ban from the TaleWorlds forum.

Edit: I think i should add a couple things.
I read it on a post before forum was changed the way what it's today (that old guard badge thing), so i don't remember where it was written, there are some rules for cross-game modding.
You can use operation stuff (triggers, scripts etc.) from other games but you can't use one game's assets (brf files, musics, textures ) on another game.
Something else to add is rules inherit between modding sources. If a source pack uses one game's assets, it makes the pack unavailable for other games. You can remove those stuff from the pack and use rest of the pack if the creator allows changes on the pack (or explicitly get his permission). Not forgetting noting changes on the used packs in the credits.
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Thanks for the answer :grin:, come to think of it I probably should've browsed around more before asking. Luckily, the viking conquest activation problem has apparently been fixed, so that's the way I'll go with my concept.
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