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Is end-game more fun now?

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I've not logged into the game since the update that added the order of battle mechanic (I think).. I quit because the end game was an absolute snorefest and now I find myself interested in bannerlord again but before I play the game again I wanted to know:

Is the endgame still an snorefest and if not what has changed?
On the beta, when a faction has no fiefs remaining thier faction is destroyed immediately rather then persisting forever to slowly run out of money (often still running around when the player has 100% the map). This is considered an improvement by some and controversial to others.
I think it's a small improvement but it doesn't make endgame funner.
Things people wanted in late game that still aren't in the game (may never be added at all)
1 No Diplomacy options/Alliances. Same dum voting fore everything with stupid AI vassals that have no idea of strategy at all.
2 No control over what other parties armies do + parties/army do dum stuff constantly.
3 Clans do not offer to join you EVER.
4 No actual endgame at all: You paint the map? Hurray, now nothing special happens and nothing will ever happen.
No, the game is effectively over the day you declare a kingdom. Way too easy to be worth playing, even with bizarre challenge rules.
The AI is still not getting better, passing by the enemy, attacking with the upper body, but moving forward with the lower body ,,,, Then there are tactics, where the shooter is running after the opponent's rider and is consumed to death, and often pointless battles consume time
What has exactly changed related to this?
Various things, some are probably bugs or miscoding related to how the AI considers auto calc advantages (or the actual auto calc advantages) that cause them to ignore sieging parties that they should attack or fail to attack in sieges they could win.
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