Is Bannerlord MP fun/noob friendly?

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I am bad at game, but game is fun, so I keep play
This quote is from a noob in a Mordhau video. Now I wonder, has any noob stick in this game? Are youtubers making dumb videos, just having fun in the game and not focusing on their SkIllz??? The only youtube videos I see are pro players that destroy others using either glitches or broken mechanics to rekt others, or just pro players that spent months mastering their skills. Can you even get into this game and just fool around?

Siege barely works

TDM punishes you for being bad at the game or having lag, and makes you play as a trashy peasent with gardening tools, and its also full of people exploiting the current
overly powered meta

Skimrish is unplayable and ends up 3-0 always, because pro players or carries that win the game in matter of seconds.

Captain Mode is the only noob friendly, but even there it gets frustrating and people hide and ruin the game for the others, also, teamwork is hard as heck with text chat and barely any noob knows what they're doing (there isnt even an explanation of how to play with your troops, you have to learn by force)

If anything, the best time I've had was in TDM because I could chill around when I wanted to, interact with other players, and not focus on how skilled I am or not. Since EVERY game mode is skill based you cant get around on this game as a noob. You either get them skillz or you get crushed in the floor, and the other BIG problem this game has is that since you cant customize your character, and since this trash class system is so limited and skill based too, you cant find variation and end up being a peasent, or the next troop next to a peasent if you're bad.
So, lets make the count:

-Being a noob limits your variation, you play peasent, or trash toop next to peasent.
-You cant customize your gear, so, less variation on how you even look, you cant even get crushed fashionable
-Poor amount of game modes that are friendly for noobs, or for group of noob friends playing the game
-Insane amount of waiting to play a trash game mode where you lose everytime

What can I suggest to fix this?
A roleplaying mode like Persistent Kingdoms (WITH PROXIMITY VOICE CHAT).
-You dont need skills to have fun of the whole game
-Its based on social interactivity, you can go into a tavern, sit, and talk with people, fool around with horses around towns, play instruments, create fun or engaging situations like sieges or actual battles that come over time.
-You play as YOUR character: you're not just a troop that goes and dies, you play as a character, meaning you will get invested into playing the game, also, since you can choose what to wear, or at least you can find variations of clothing, you will feel even more invested on having your character upgraded
-A **** load of streamers would get into this game since their priority is social interactivy, watching people create stories in the run is probably the most fun you can have watching someone, then you would jump right into the game if something like that existed, creating a bigger community and probably getting people to play the competitive scene you're looking to create.
-YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS WITHOUT GUESSING WHICH TEAM YOU'RE GETTING, OR IF YOU'RE OR NOT GETTING CRUSHED BY A PRO TEAM: Just find your friends, and start fooling around, make a youtube video, roleplay as a wandering monk group, or just a group of bards, I dont know, you choose.
-You get to roleplay in an amazing world, with beautiful medieval visual setting (so you taleworlds get to show of the great visuals you have been working on)

You didnt like the best idea modders already had for your game? You dont want to hire them to help you create an official game mode that can attract new players, make everyone have fun in the game and probably make this game incredible? I have another idea:

-You dont need to worry about being better than everybody, unless you want to be in the top of the list
-You can get around with your friends and cooperate with each other
-Fun, rather than stressful, exciting rather than boring and repetitive.
-Create a better sense of community with these players.
-You can learn basics of how to play the game against bots.

I understand TW, you wanted to make the next competitive game played by everyone, you wanted to hold tournaments and make e-sports, shamefully thats one side of the coin of multiplayer game modes, and not only you're doing it wrong for your previous community, you're also gatekeeping noob players, because Bannerlord is hard to play and learn, and it takes time to git gud. And sometimes, people just want to hop into a game, and have fun.

This is not fun. This is not noob friendly.
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In its current state no its not noob friendly or fun. No server browser, hitting something is not rewarding, few maps, no customization. Its just grinding in my opinion multiplayer.
Even if the combat was good and there was more content/a progression system. I still wouldnt say its noob friendly with how toxic people are, especially if you're not a great player trolls just :poop: all over you.


Even if the combat was good and there was more content/a progression system. I still wouldnt say its noob friendly with how toxic people are, especially if you're not a great player trolls just :poop: all over you.
That's why I proposed those 2 systems. Playing game modes that don't enforce you against other players or just make you chill around takes the "I'm better than you situation", but what can I say, the toxic community does exists, even though I've seen more toxic players in NA than anywhere else, my experience in SA has been great and they're all MOSTLY friendly, since the old toxic boomers had to leave the game.


I can only comment on captain mode, but two things.

One is with players hiding, those are trolls and tkers trying to ruin the game for everyone.

Two is for newbies, please listen to those who appear to know what theyre doing. If they say archers are broken, dont go archers because you want to play COD. if they say stick together, please stick together.

Captain mode is purely a team game and not a loner game. New players who decide to ignore the rest of the team usually lose it for the team which is why new players get flamed on. Its also one of the reasons why Ive been looking for a team as Im tired of hoping for a full team that actually communicates and works together but ends up with new players who cant put 2 + 2 together...


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It has a very low skill ceiling. I would say starting out as a totally new player is probably just as hard as warband but to be a "good" player requires a lot less skill and practice.
I mean all of this **** except the voice chat is in warband, and we had it for a long time. But new players in Bannerlord, in skirmish will forever get **** on like its no ones business. Honestly the only good thing about battle is that you could just run in there and get a kill if you were lucky most of the time. There was also alot of roleplay server on warband. But honestly once you get the blocking and timing down for bannerlord your set ez peaz


one of the problem is that the new system punish newbie/bad players(that is one of the reason i dont play skirmish)
yeah you can start as a cataphract in the first match but if you are learning the game or doesnt know how to use a class you would lose all your gold and have to play as a ramble or recruit, also pro player could start with an OP class at the beggining of a match making easier to them to smash new players, i really dont care if i sucks playing, i just want to play the role i want, archer, inf, cav, and this system doesnt allow me to play as i wanted to, i believe this system only works in captain mode where the gold mechanic doesnt exist
maybe the devs could add something like a recruit/rable archer, recruit/rable horsemen, so people could play and understood a role better than waith 3 matches to have the enough gold to play them, or re-balance the gold system
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I think the current gear/class system and the warband system is outdated, i have recently started playing mordhau and i believe that system is more suited to people nowadays, scrap classes and scrap factions.


Most of Noobs probably are going to singleplayer which is the more popular side of mount and blade games,
from my own experience most of new players plays on TDM servers cause it's "fun" for them (for me that's not fun to play against 20 cav/archers at the same time) probably when they added custom game Siege it can also being crowded by new players, on skirmishes I am finding in every 3rd/4th game alot of new/noob players so even if the game isn't noob friendly somehow it brings fun to them, but idk what is fun in a game which isn't friendly for new/noobs players.


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I think the current gear/class system and the warband system is outdated, i have recently started playing mordhau and i believe that system is more suited to people nowadays, scrap classes and scrap factions.
Warband system isn't outdated, it just needs an update


Mordhau awards individual effort as far as I know both by rankings and cosmetics. It's a game made to have an interesting multiplayer which solo players can enjoy as much as group players. Their most popular gamemode is competitive / capture the flag, whilst historically a majority of mnb players has been playing the multiplayer aspect for massive, yet somewhat organised battles. Different game genres I'd say, but obviously TW has worked really hard to build a competitive matchmaking system. Only god knows who asked for it. It will probably turn out great when skill groups are actually implemented. Currently BL is kinda boring with repetitive death match with no progression.
The way he described it, he seemed like he meant it should be removed. I meant it just should be "revamped"

I don't disagree with the sentiment. The wording was really funny, though. I think the word that guy is looking for is "obsolete." Calling it outdated would imply that it needs an update (as you rightly pointed out), not that it needs to be replaced. Warband's system is definitely outdated, but that isn't an argument to abandon it.
Battle mode will save multiplayer. I don't understand why it was necessary to remove what worked so well in Warband. Skirmish mode is so skill-based because in a 6vs6 game, every player's life has a value. One has only to die, or just have one inexperienced player in the team, and immediately a game over. When playing 20 vs 20, you are less dependent on the personal skills of each.

This does not apply to TDM mode. Firstly, an endless respawn, and secondly, the lack of friendly fire makes this mode useless.
(I'm not interested in running around with a big two-handed sword and swinging it in all directions, knowing that I still won't hit mine. And if enemy kill me I will be reborn again. There is neither skill nor interest in this.)


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TDM is also absolute chaos because of its insane amount of players. You're heavily awarded for being cavalry or archer, while infantry is effectively useless. In the last 4-5 sessions of TDM I've seen 1 heavy infantry. And that was me.


Also, TDM is only fun when it's 3:00 am and 15 dudes are playing instead of 40, fights get more interesting and you actually cooperate with you friends. When there's 40 dudes playing they all spam archery, put themselves in a high spot and shoot everybody that tries to catch them, and cavalry just goes around killing everyone thats distracted fighting or chasing archers


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At this point I would say no, the hitboxes are messed up, the blocking has some delay to it. The game encourages people to spam attack. The combat I feel like needs to be improved (by ALOT). Then we should see some progress.

Oh and not to mention the pre made classes system, that was uncalled for

Warband may be outdated but the system should be used as an example, and then improved upon. So we both get some nostalgic feelings and also major improvements in terms of design.

In captain mode some of the teams you get are like either down right bad or decent. And some factions get destroyed by having a team full of horse archers. And they should penalize players who decides to go rogue in captain

Im not even going to touch on skrim cus i stopped playing that (for lots of reasons)

Warband MP can be a little discouraging to new players that's because the game is very old, hence why probaly the majority of the players are already decent at the game. But in terms of feedback (in bannerlord) there will be discrepancy between an older player feedback vs a new player.
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