Is AI formation ever gonna get fixed again?

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Back in previous patches formations were placeholders. Shield wall was meaningless since unshielded units stood in the front and there was significant bugs regarding big battles where reinforcements would cause every unit in a formation to move very slowly for some reason

Then, Aug 2020 came and with it one of the 1st big patches, with fixes to how AI transitioned between formations and it felt good
After they also took away some very strong bows from some units and reduced ranged accuracy in lower tier units we could use infantry strategically in a successful way.
Then someone decided they should move slower with shields up formation, changed that parameter, forgot about the rest and broke everything again. Transition between formations take too long for no logical reason, unshielded units get stuck in front of shielded units and unless charging they move very slowly, which doesn't make any sense.
So infantry came back to being a flavor option we use in case we don't mind gimping ourselves.

Is there any hope this might get (re)fixed?
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