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Greetings everybody! The day you've been eagerly anticipating is finally here. For some of you, due to time zone differences, this may have com a bit later then you expected. Hopefully, wherever you live, we hope the long long wait for the mod has been worth it. We've worked incredibly hard on this mod for over a year to bring you an experience worthy of the wait. Do remember to give your thanks to the team and contributors if you see them around, both lists can be found on the front page.

Be aware that this is just our first public release. There are multiple issues which we haven't had the time to deal with. We have yet to get many items in the mod and some are using placeholders, such as the artillery. We will have big updates in the future, fixing issues and adding much more content. Enjoy.

Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Download Link 3
Download Link 4
Download Link 5
Download Link 6
Download Link 7

We have two EU servers up and one NA server up at the moment. Courtesy of the 17th Regiment of Foot and the Prussian Army, respectively. An Oceania server will be up as soon as we can. Server files will be released on Sunday.

Basic Controls
Until I can get a proper game guide up, here are some basic new controls you'll want to know.
Aim: Right Click
Fire: Left Click
Load: Q
Bayonet: P
Bandages & Morphine: Left Click
Whistles: Right Click
Binoculars: Right Click
Scope Zoom: Shift
Leave Heavy Machine Gun: Hold Right Click
Leave Gramophone: F

Please read the Game Guide & FAQ for more information on how to play.

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day folks!
Broken the download mirrors more like.

Hurry and get more mirrors up, the only working one gives an estimate of being finished in 17 hours, and I cant imagine it being any better for the rest.
Hello there everyone!
First of all, we are very sorry for the bugs and performance issues that you had to face the last 24 hours. We have spent all day to fix the most urgent bugs and performance issues. Hopefully, this patch should fix most of the existent bugs, balance the game a little bit and solve the performance issues on both the client and the server.

Client performance:
Performance for Client has been increased by removing a lot of unnecessary data that was loaded into the game at start up. Memory usage should now be much lower (Just 1000mb compared to the 1400 we had before.) We have also increased performance by adjusting shaders and slightly fixed the rigging of several of the french uniforms.

Server performance:
The Server should now also perform much better than before. We have reworked large parts of our code. For example, for just the reloading system we reduced the code from 500 to 100 lines and got rid of more than 240 events!

We have also changed the Balance slightly. To nerf the Sniper class we made it impossible to look through the scope while bolting and reloading the gun. This will make sure that snipers will have to re target their aim after every shot.
Additionally we changed the Ammo counter presentation to be easier to understand for new players. It will now show both the bullets left in your inventory and the bullets left in your magazine.
We also fixed all battle spawns on all maps and did several minor tweaks to some of them.
We also made the French LightMachinegunners slightly stronger. They will now be able to properly aim and shoot while walking.

Anyway, here is a list of changed/added features:
- Added some active and alive agent and players checks to a few client side events
- You can no longer attach bayonets to the Chauchat
- Fixed the bandages and morphine killing people when healing/giving morphine (basically now they deal no damage)
- Removed shell in air loop sound
- Nerfed snipers by removing the scope presentation once fired
- Fixed the animations for shooting with MGs
- Made the ammo counter presentation slightly different and more intuitive for players to understand
- Fixed Battle Spawns on all maps
- Fixed sound bugs on Belgian Forest (Storm map)
- Removed all useless local sounds from maps.
- Possibly fixed crashes and lags client issues
- General performance enhancement

Download links:!1gFziAQZ!c1ovUiA0YrCg7DDOGJkfmmDm8o92taQlSgcv4h8LhSM
Why most of the server i joined always said french or germany won the round without anyone playing, but theres actually 90 people playing
I haven't been following this mod at all but damn, this looks like fun to play. Downloading now
Will you be adding signal flags in a future update. I ask as I am interested in creating a signal squad/regiment for iron europe, they have them on N&S and they were used at the time.

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