MP Modern Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

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Skot the Sanguine

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Rigadoon said:
Here's a video of a bayonet charge from a dev test, by Diplex.

Who needs light sabers when you have Germans.

Cool bayonet charge video though.


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I see a map ... a map with a village , tree , and lot of bullet explosion with nice people  bloody soldiers, a swimming pool. I see an Peacefull world Iron Europe map ... I cant wait anymore for it.


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A huge hi five and congratulations on the imminent release, Rigadoon!

You've worked very hard on this and I really, really respect the way you've gone about producing this mod. Keep it up, and I hope all goes well with the release!

I will definitely be playing Iron Europe if I can find time. :smile:

If there's anything you want modelling over the next week, I would just love to help you out somehow.
We've set a specific release date. However, it's not exactly all good news. Unfortunately, the mod will release outside of our previously set time frame on February 14th, 2014. We, the team, apologize deeply for this and hope people will show understanding. After evaluating our resources, we've determined that this is the best course of action to ensure a successful mod release.

Before I move on, I'd like to remind everybody that this is a non-profit mod that is being developed by people dedicating their free time to create something for the community to enjoy. It is our call when to release the mod.

Now, the question is 'why?'. The answer is that we're halfway through implementation of some features and we're lacking maps. These extra days will allow us to finish some big features that we've been working on, the most important of which are the heavy machine-guns. We do not want to cut out any work-in-progress features out of release. We have considered releasing the mod in it's current state and patching it shortly, however, we decided against it. The first release is of utmost importance to a Warband multiplayer mod's survival which is why we want ours to be as complete as possible. The IE team consists of many veteran modders who've modded for years and have participated in the creation of multiple mods and we are certain that this is the best course of action for a successful mod release. As well, these extra days give us the opportunity to work on some fancy surprise features.

Originally, there was going to be a large update with lots of new stuff along with this announcement, but due to closed beta leaks, it'll be a smaller one as I've spent my entire day trying to suppress the leak. So you can thank MadManYo and TomahawkAU for the tiny. A warning for all of you, if you somehow obtain the Iron Europe closed beta through a leak and are caught playing on the server, you will be banned from all IE servers and it will last a certain, very long, period time even after release. Plus, if you're smart, you'll tell a team member how you obtained the mod. If you are someone who leaked the mod, and have contributed to its spread, then you will receive a permanent ban from all IE servers.

Anyways, here's a bit of stuff for you guys to enjoy, showing some gameplay, gramophones, and heavy machineguns. All a work in progress of course. Sorry for the quality, I messed up the export and don't have the time to fix it due to the above reason.

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