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MP Modern Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

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I cant wait to go over the top at Verdun or the Somme and get mowed down by the French xD and please dont give up one this mod ive never played a ww1 fps and really really want to :grin: hope all is going well and from what ive seen it looks great so far


Update #17 German Uniforms.2
Welcome back to another IE update. Here are a couple new German new uniform renders. As always, there are still some minor tweaks that are needed. We're also working on the shovel and bayonet scabbard that should be part of these uniforms as well. I've been trying to make the folds look more pronounced and natural. I'm happier with it but it isn't quite there yet.

This guy is wearing the M1915 Bluse with a Sturmpack and gasmask in ready position.

Here's another soldier. This one is still wearing the outdated M1914 Waffenrock and carries minimal gear. His belt is being suspended by breadbag straps.

Last, we have someone in marching equipment wearing a mantel.

Some news for the future. Azrooh and DanyEle will be helping us some more with coding. Joseph is rigging these at the moment and they should be ready shortly. In the longer run, we have German boots being textured, some new weapons being made, binoculars, whistles, and other cool stuff. Also, welcome DarthTaco to the team. He is currently working on some weapons, which we will hopefully get to showcase very soon.

As a bonus, have a revolver. Modèle 1892. You guys have been seeing too much German stuff. I'm aware the trigger is not there right now.

From our amazing modeler Diffusion and textured by myself.

Thanks for following us. Please continue to do so and spread the word. I hope you enjoyed the update!

about your avatar, i want give at you this link, taken from a WWI italian movie, "Uomini contro".

The movie is a denounce against this bloody war and incompetent high officers.
And, please, remember also we italians, that has fought a lot on the Carso mountains.
I want see Alpini (alpine troops) and our infantry, not only the usual French and Brits.
If you want some info about italian troops and battle scenarios in WWI i will seek for you on internet.

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5FPHZmmN9I


Update #18 Officer Equipment
Sorry for the long wait. Due to poor internet on a trip, I couldn't post the update until now. Here's some officer binoculars and whistles that will be in-game soon. This is a sort of filler update
to give you guys something to look at while we work on a larger update which is already mostly done.

First of, Colmont Paris M.G. 1900 binoculars for the French and Feldglas 08 binoculars for the Germans. Modeled by Bsnott and textured by Rigadoon.


And a whistle. Modeled by Bsnott and textured by Rigadoon.

Finally, a somewhat related field phone scene prop. Modeled by Hudson and textured by Baillie.

We are still working on getting a gameplay video out and I believe we're getting fairly close. Again, I hope to get another update out sooner than usual, for you guys to enjoy. Modding is a really slow process and we thank those that have continued to follow and support us over all this time.


djogloc02 said:
Can we call support? I mean, telling to your allies where the enemy is and where to fire the arty.
Unfortunately, you would then have to code that.
Field Mortars might be doable, actually. They're already in NW.

That's what I get for not reading the OP.
"-Mortars, infantry support guns, and other short range artillery"


Sergeant Knight
I read it and I mean if we will get a item that can call support for all team, something like a alert. It's a suggestion.


Maybe reinforcements spawn in waves, and the officer can use the whistle to spawn reinforcements.

Maybe he can use the binoculars to mark artillery targets.
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