SP Native Iron Arm of Vlandia - Troop Overhaul

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Iron Arm of Vlandia
Troop Overhaul
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In honor of Osrac Iron-Arm, the first king of Vlandia, this mod overhauls the troops of Vlandia to look more organised and proper while keeping faithful to the Vlandian culture.

The main tree has gotten an overhaul in the equipment and weaponry, along with one new unit on the spearman line. Crossbowmen no longer have their pavise shields (and the Rhodok wept...), while the rest of the tree look more unified and properly organised.

In terms of Elite troops, the Tier 1 unit has lost their horse and a new line of longbowmen has been added. The Vlandians did after all take Battanian lands and it only makes sense that they would adopt the archery culture of the Battanians. This also has the added effect of making the Vlandians less overpowered compared to their neighbours.

Compatibility patch for Noble Troops is available.