Ipuwer Papyrus here, know this or more?

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Hi, i like to see ancient places & stuffs that reflect our past. And, if ancient discoveries from past contain texts(translated ones), its much more intriguing.
Here i have one papyrus, named Ipuwer, to share talk and ask more if you know similar. It's very old, ancient one, and has the text a bit legible/translated. If you want to talk about this papyrus or share more ancient stuffs like this, please, let it come!

Comparision of Ipuwer Papyrus and Bible in Table 1 or Correlational Timelines in Figüre very interesting. Check them and statements here:


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Ipuwer is right on. The world has indeed turned to ****.

We have these cool papyrus forgeries that were supposed to show Czechs had epic poetry at the same time or even before Germans. It's actually pretty impressive that it was probably just one guy 600 years later wrote down a cycle of fun to read, heroic poems in credible Old Czech that took almost a century to prove as fakes.