Invisible Lord will never defect ?

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So ever since I conquered Jelkala (around 150-200 in-game days before now iirc), I noticed that whenever I was passing by and was at war with the Rhodoks there was a message saying "Small band of enemies near Jelkala". I thought nothing of it, like it's just a small bug. Except now I have conquered everything and I'd like to get my achievement, and for that I need every lord to defect towards me apparently (which is stupid if you ask me, I'm already ruling all of Carladia, who cares about fiefless factions ?), which is a pain tbh. Here's a screen : . I've sent patrols, I've looked everywhere, this guy will never appear.

But the worst part is that apparently that "invisible lord" exists without existing. What I mean is that the faction report lists Rhodoks as having 4 Lords, but when I go to the list, I see only three Counts. So now I'm wondering... is it even possible to finish that game ? Is there some solution I could do to "fix" this ? Or should I just hope that it will work once the three others are gone ? Although that seems unlikely because the Rhodoks have been fiefless for at least 150 days by now, and had apparently no one at some point... yet they refuse to get eliminated. Which seems to imply that I'll never finish that game.

Any help would be appreciated. Hell at that point if you have a save right before finishing the game I'd take it (female if possible, since my character was female) since that'd have the same result. Yes I know achievements are meaningless but I'd like to have them for a game where I've already spent close to 250 hours. :grin:
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