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Dear devs and modders,

I work actually on a new head model for a futur mod and I need your help on it ! 🙏

All the morph animations are set correctly, it work on model viewer with this beautiful new head :grin: and the facial animations also work ingame 🙌


Every time i start the game the eye material are replaced by a mouth material ... 😱 first i tried to export it with the head_male_a as reference , but it dont work ... I made a lot of export with different settings (names, orders of selection, etc) from Blender and it's still the same , a beautiful mouth look ^^ it's strange because the skin and mouth material are correctly displayed ,

let me know if you have some ideas guys , i really need your help to keep going on it 🤞


EDIT: i also tried to find a solution on the skins.xml but nothing about the order of loading , i can edit the xml to replace head or others but it dont change the materials problem


Hey Guys , dont understand why nobody answer :cry:

Why make a Q/A if nobody of TW can help the modders ... I'm asking myself ...

Perhaps change the head is not authorized yet , so please give an answer on this subject !

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Murat Türe

Sorry for the late response. Currently, there is a legacy system which tries to identify the folllowing sub meshes of the face by ordering them with respect to their triangle counts:
The order is: Face > teeth > eye > eyelash.
The game needs to fetch these sub meshes so that it can assign different materials to them. We will be fixing this issue by fetching these submeshes via tags. For a short term solution, you can try to change their triangle counts so that the ordering is correct.
By the way, kudos for the new face, well done :smile:
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Hey Murat,

Thanks :wink: and thanks a lot for your answer 🙌 !

Will try to match the triangle counts but just to be sure , the game load the object (face, eye ,etc) by their polygon amount right ?

So in fact my new eyes have too many poly and be recognized as a mouth 🙃 will check it out , thanks again , i come back to you when i made my test with the modifyed head

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