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There are inverse mouse movements for attacks, but not for blocking. Why? :xf-cry:

My brain just can't work without it. For me, attacking with a normal mouse movement is very confusing, so I use the inverse mouse movement for my attacks.

The reasoning: the movement starts from the left if you're attacking from the left, it feels very intuitive. Swapping to the default mouse movement for attack controls turns me into a complete potato. I simply can't think that way.

So I use inverse mouse movement for attacks, yet can't do the same for blocking -- this essentially forces me to play with a shield if I want to have any chance in combat. Please, please add inverse mouse movement for blocking. I don't want to have to unlearn all of the muscle memory that gained in the original mount and blade and be forced to do the opposite of what I would intuitively do. I'm not sure I could even learn if I tried.

I enjoy the game, but playing without the ability to block the way my brain naturally works makes it unplayable to the point that I considered refunding. I didn't, because I really hope there will be a patch adding this feature.
Weird, I feel the opposite way. But hey, I can't see how it could hurt to add an option for it. Everyone's brain is wired differently when it comes to directional inputs in gaming.
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