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Some suggestions/ideas for inventory, apologies if this has been mentioned/suggested before, I don't float around the forums as much as I used to.

#1 A small 'personal' inventory for our own gear, separate from the 'catch all' inventory. A small chest or container that we can put ~20 items in, Armor/Weapons etc. would be amazing. It's very annoying mid-late game when you have many armies worth of loot you're hauling around to try and sell, and can't find your custom weapons as easily.

#2 We have a Civilian outfit, and a 'combat' outfit. I'd like to add another outfit class, Sieging. I like Polearms/throwing weapons for normal ground combat, but would prefer arrows when sieging or being sieged, yet sometimes forget. Having another loadout where this is saved would be a godsend, and help streamline this process.

#3 A chest that would be placed at the beginning of the battle (like we had in Warband) which would give access only to that 'personal' container, have our banner be placed there as a clear marker of where it is located.

Thanks for your time.
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