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Hello Im new here But i do have 2500 hours on Warband - Steam

Please make EXP to be shown like it used to on warband Please ADD THIS FEATURE

For future Bannerlord Update - @@@@

Please Make EXP to be shown like it used to on warband Please ADD THIS FEATURE

For Bannerlord - @@@@ Please Make EXP to be shown like it used to on warband to be shown on the HUD and when you kill an enemy on the left corner side in small font ?

Please can you add this FEATURE - into Early Access - i have posted this idea on YouTube and it has gotten a lot of likes and I think it would be a worthwhile Addition the game - that will improve the overall experience

Thank you
Hi friends
I am a big fan of mount and blade I have to my credit 270 hours of play.
i like to make ingame video games.
please, where I can post my videos
Hey everyone,
I am Default_EXO, and I currently have just about 200 hours in Mount & Blade Warband. My hobbies are gaming and badminton. My favorite games are M&B Warband and Rocket League. I really like the mod called L’Aigle, and many of my hours have probably been spent on that. I hope everyone will welcome me in this forum :grin:
Hello all,

I just joined the forums although I have played Warband quite a while back. I've had an interest in modding but I hope I actually go through learning it properly. Outside of games, I like programming (mainly C), although not overly knowledgeable on it since I'm only learning it in Uni.
I hope things get better from here and hope to make some fun stuff.
Hi to all ladies and lords of the Calradia,

It's really nice to be part of a great community that includes programmers, gamers and developers. I first met Mount and Blade during college years and fell in love even then. I could not get up for hours and flunked in several exams. Now it's exciting to be able to play Bannerlord in early access. Best regards to the whole team from forum moderators to game coders. And thanks to Armagan who is true to his name as he literally presented this masterpiece to us. ?

Enjoy everyone and stay safe stay sane ✌️
Hello guys!

I'm new to this forum, but not new to the Mount and Blade franchise as I put several hundred of hours over several years in Warband, Viking Conquest and the Early Access of Bannerlord. I especially liked With Fire and Sword with its special 17th century slavic setting and weaponry. I also produced some tutorial videos on YouTube for new players during the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic (you can find my on YouTube by searching: roffels11 - gaming and history).

Although I tried out and even wrote myself a few smaller mods for Bannerlord I always find myself playing the "vanilla game". Same goes for Warband. In Warband I even played some total conversion mods, such as prophecy of Pendor and Paradigm Worlds but they never caught me like the native modul did. Guess I'm a "purist" when it comes to Mount and Blade.

In real-life I'm a history student at a German university (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen). One of my hobbies is medieval reenactment: I participate in tournaments, "mock battles" and train close combat inspired by but not limited to late medieval manuals on fencing techniques with sword and buckler several times a month l with my swordfighting group. I aim at reenacting a "Kriegsknecht" or armed citizen from the 1380s with my arms (spear, sword and buckler) and armour ("hounskull"/bascinet helmet, "chainmail"/chain armour and "gambeson"/padded jacket).

I hope we will get along and have fun discussions about the awesome and quite accurate games of TaleWorlds Entertainment!
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Yo. I got a nice welcome message (albeit probably automated) from one Dejan after registration, and where I come from we don't let greetings hang in the air, so here I am. I came here after seeking modding help elsewhere and being referenced as people told me this is the place for most modders and I'l likely get most help here.
Have a fishy stick
Hey. Not really sure what to post here. I have maybe half thousand hours in both Warband and Bannerlord, so I can say I am not that new to the franchise. Outside of games I play violin, chess and uhh you can say I bake a lot. Ciao
Hey guys, i'm Ikaz

M&B is one of the best games obviously but i never reached the level of commitment it needs....

In my spare time I shoot a recurve bow but living in a city, Im extremely limited on the training. Got so many things in my mind and I eventually want to get into horse archery like a true Khuzait but alas for some reason my horse riding membership does not look too kindly to a guy bringing a 40 pound bow in the riding club
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