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HOLLEEE . . . you people are still around!?

Hey question here: I saw in the prompt when I got in here that the PMs on the old site were the one thing that "couldn't get ported over." So nice of them to not just vaporize it all.

I've got probably 50 PMs going back to like . . . 2009 from people I can barely remember. Most of them are completely trivial, but it still might be nice to retain them. Any good way to either get them ported to this new site or download them?


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I joined the forum at late 2019 and this is actually my 1000th post on this forum :smile: So uhm I guess its time to say hello xD

My name is Patrik, I am citizen of the earth, have too many hobbies to count and I am a huge fan of the mount&blade series since.. ~2010. I started with the demo of original m&b, played the original for hundreds of hours, after that warband for hundreds of hours, after that wfas dlc multiplayer for hundreds of hours, after that viking conquest for hundreds of hours, after that Bannerlords closed beta for 200 hours and now I'm playing Bannerlord ea multiplayer.. allmost 200 hours already too, so I guess its safe to say I like the game :grin:


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Hóla! I'm thoroughly bad at introductions, but you seem to be nice chaps! I am a veteran M&B-player, still remember the glory days of vanilla, and got my hands on Bannerlord on the release day, recently started with modding and joined this forum to be apart of this community and the modding community.


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Can't remember how long it is since I last posted on these forums, must've been soon after the gash-refit. But i'm back.