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I mean, the majority of the landmass is in Asia, but the capitol is in Europe, but they have always been part of Asia Minor, which is Asia AND Europe sooooooooooooo... I motion we make the continent of Turkey, thereby solving all of those issues at once.


Sergeant Knight
Capital of Turkey is Ankara middle of Anadolia.But in Turkey you can find Greek,Syrians,Kurds,Russians,Turks and more.So I think Turkey is mixed country.Not Asian or Europan


Sergeant Knight
Yep too much like France



Grandmaster Knight
There's more than 500,000 Turks in the UK? I don't believe that source I'm afraid. Unless by turk you mean forum troll  :iamamoron:
2.7 million of Turkish descent, which includes 1.5 million with Turkish citizenship.
The map he posted makes it looks like some sort of invasion, putting Germany and Turkey in the same colours...


Sergeant Knight

I saw this map here.
jacobhinds said:
Beny said:
There's more than 500,000 Turks in the UK? I don't believe that source I'm afraid.
:eek: where are all these hidden turks?
same page said:
Total population
(Turkish-born residentsa
101,721 (2011 UK Census)[1]
72,000 (2009 ONS estimate)
150,000 (academic estimates)
Turkish Cypriot-born residentsa
100,000–150,000 (academic estimates)
Total population
500,000 (2011 Home Office estimate)[2])
same page said:
As of 2011, there is a total of about 500,000 people of Turkish origin in the UK,[6] made up of approximately 150,000 Turkish nationals and about 300,000 Turkish Cypriots.[4] Furthermore, in recent years, there has been a growing number of ethnic Turks immigrating to the United Kingdom from Algeria and Germany. Many other Turks have immigrated to Britain from parts of the southern Balkans where they form an indigenous ethnic and religious minority dating to the early Ottoman period, particularly Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, and the province of East Macedonia and Thrace in Northern Greece.[4][7] The majority live in London.

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