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15 year old Oklahoman, into swordsmanship ( 9 years, since I was six, I forgot the name of what I train in, I just do it), weightlifting, football, Martial arts (even though I haven't been in a dojo for about 5 years :sad: ), Ancient History, reading/writing, gaming. Other stuff that's stupid and just fall under the catagory of 'Jackassery' :roll: . And even though I do it, I HATE running, I just do it because it helps me with endurance and it seems to help me with my asthma (clears all the gunk out of my lungs).


41-year-old Virginian. On-and-off career gamer. You kids and your newfangled computers. Why when I was a lad we had to make due with polyhedra dice and graph paper and we liked it that way!

Interests medieval history, tall ships and various other historical subjects as catch my fancy. Roleplaying and computer gaming are recurring preoccupations of mine and I've been active as a roleplayer since, well, there was roleplaying just about. Also keep informed about politics and current events (but let's not get started on that - I like the cameraderie here).

M&B is a striking example of something coming out of the blue and smacking me between the eyes. Great combination of action, better medieval personal combat than I've seen anywhere else, and the potential for a very interesting dynamic world. Plus, as an added bonus, coming up with kewl ideas for this game gives me something to do on my slow days at work.


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Hmm...what the hell...

23 year old, from Sweden, currently live in The Netherlands, hardcore gamer that has little care for real life is something that'd accurately describe me...

Other interests would be reading, movies, nature, game design (playing ain't my only passion), fishing altho I haven't had a chance to do that for years now...

And I have a serious weakness for medieval type games, knights, horses, swordsplay and such, whether it'll be pure or RPG'ish (figure out what I mean for yourselves :razz:)...

And one of my motto's is: the bigger, the more complex, the more detailed the better, as long as it's a job well done...


This game is at least nine different shades of awesome and I can't give enough kudos to the taleworlds team and the community here.

the bigger, the more complex, the more detailed the better

I wholeheartidly concur with this statement. My favorite games in the past have been (in no particular order ) Deus Ex, Operation Flashpoint, Baldurs Gate 2, Fallout 1, GTA III (which I think is what this game most resembles), Half Life 2, IL2 Sturmovic and Dark Forces: Jedi Knight.

18 year old Australian by the way[/code]

DJ Dethnutz

I stopped playing Unreal Tournament 2004 so that I could play halflife2, and I stopped playing halflife2 so that I could play this game. Need I say more?


Hi all

40 years old, played PC games ever since there were PCs. Love ancient and military history and even get to study it as a professional archaeologist here in the UK. Have to say that this is the best RPG medieval combat game I have played so far. Just finished the Joan of Arc game which has some good combat and castle sieging, but was ultimately nerfed by poor AI and an extremely linear storyline - gotta like blondes in armour though :grin: (even if thats historically incorrect for Joan :roll: ) Currently building up my stats as a horseback archer as I have always been fascinated by the mobility and punch of these troops. Looking forward to seeing this develop into a fully fledged game and ill definately be buying into the full game when I reach level 6


Hi - I'm 34 years old and from Denmark.

I heard of the game through the forums at, and after playing for a couple of hours I went and bought it. Great idea and I'm looking forward to getting the full game. Until then it's fun as is.


Hi, its me again

my name is ian and im a Mount&Bladeaholic.

I play it for like 4 hours everydsy, saving damsels, killing meddlesome villians, and most importantly constantly ridding the world of darkhunters


Hey its me again... I play it a little bit each day.

Im the guy that emailed Armagan about not having a credit card!


Very nicely made! I've been playing for a couple weeks now, gotten to level 4, and I must say the game runs very well, graphics are excellent and fighting is quite realistic. As a medeival nut(case), I am quite happy to see something out there that's designed to really exploit the combat of that era. Keep it up! I'll be buying my serial very shortly!


Downloaded the demo just a couple of days ago.

Stumbled to level three before deciding to reroll. My new character went along much more smoothly. It was during a battle towards the end of my very first caravan escort that I dinged level six. Argh, what an effective sales tactic!

Needless to say, I'm all registered and ready to go now! Geart game, even it its current state. Between this and Fate, I owe all of my game time to indie games.


Howdy howdy howdy.

I downloaded the Demo on Saturday, played for about 3 hours. Got annoyed because my game quit once I hit lvl 6, grabbed my CC, got my Serial, been playing since... 9:15am, its now 2:10am... thats 17? hours since I was told to play this game...nonstop mind you. Mucho Kudos.

About me, 19, goin to college for programming. I have no life on the weekends, if you didnt notice :wink:.

My character is a Two-Handed/One-Handed/Crossbow/Mounted Archer/Warrior/Footsoldier and a Merchant on the side.

Actually, most of my time spent today was figuring the trade routes which Im gonna place up in a different thread. So yea, game is too nice :wink:

Enough of this chit-chat, back to killin.


Hi, logan from Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, germany.... (did i forget any :roll: ) ^^
had a lot of emigrants in the past ^^
im a 3D modeller and animator and project leader of (project) Medieval knights (freeware game)
so much respect to you guys, i know how hard it is to keep a team of indies together (especially when its freeware ^^)
"owner" of claymore studios, gaming company
live rolleplaying gamer, and a load of dif other things ^^ keep up the good work :smile:


Great game. Saw a post last night about it on the Wargamer forums and downloaded and played the demo till late and then purchased the key today. It's definately addictive and keep up the good work!


Hello. Just recently found this game through a post at Said what the hell and downloaded it. 20 hours of gameplay and $12 later I'm completely addicted. Thanks for the great work, I'm looking forward to the finished product!


I found out about this game last Thursday through ModDB and I was so impressed that I bought it on Sunday. One of the most fun sandbox games I have ever played! The downside is that I play this game so much that my World of Warcraft account is getting unused.


I heard about this game on another forum, so I decided to check it out; after playing the demo and creating a new file everytime I reached level 6, I decided to buy. Now I can't stop playing.

The truth is; I think I'm an addict.
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