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Hey fellow Calradians,
I am very happy to announce Tunes of Calradia - the very first Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord music expansion mod!

We all know and love the unique medieval atmosphere of Bannerlord, and few elements support this experience as much as the lovingly composed background music. However, as much as we appreciate the original soundtrack of Bannerlord, we believe that the musical experience in the game is not optimal and could use some improvements in certain areas.

Do you feel that the game becomes monotonous on the campaign map? That long rides from one end of the world to the other, long sieges, or chasing down enemies start to feel tedious after several dozen hours of gameplay? We believe this isn't due to bad gameplay—far from it. We're convinced that it comes down to the music.
A key quality of good video game music is that it doesn't draw attention to itself, yet enhances the atmosphere subtly. Bannerlord's original soundtrack achieves this quite well. However, our brains, whether we are sensitive to music or or not, get tired of hearing the same tracks repeated over and over. You can't quite put your finger on it or explain exactly what the problem is, but the problem is there. With this in mind, we aim to improve Bannerlord's musical experience in three specific ways: more music, more breathing space between tracks, and additional atmospheric, less intrusive music.

Here's another example: You've endured a long, bloody siege, but after days of struggle, you've managed to shatter the enemy's city walls. Now you lead your army of hundreds against the opposing force, with your soldiers fighting man-to-man in your name to raise your banner over the city's strongholds. After an intense and costly battle, you've emerged victorious. You stand amidst your troops, surrounded by their jubilant cheers. Yet somehow, it doesn't feel quite right. Something is preventing you from fully savoring the moment. You can't pinpoint it exactly, but the problem is there. Once again, we believe it's due to the music.We aim to make specific improvements here as well: adding more epic battle music to the existing soundtrack, whether for open-field battles, siege assaults, or arena duels, and especially overhauling the current victory fanfares to make a triumph truly feel like a victory.

We aim to achieve all this using cutting-edge production technology, enabling us to create music that seamlessly competes with the original soundtrack in terms of quality. In addition to rich orchestral sounds, we will focus on using period instruments that vary by region and are applied in different densities, allowing for quieter, more subtle sounds to complement the existing melodic, cinematic themes.

This project is truly close to our hearts, and we hope to share our enthusiasm with the Bannerlord community. Follow us on Tumblr or simply on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news and don't forget to spread the word!
In the name of the ToC team,
- Matthias
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