Introducing Our Two New Community Managers - bFaceIII and Piconi

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Today, we would like to introduce two new members of the Community Management team at TaleWorlds - Ecem (@bFaceIII) and Nenad (@Piconi).

Ecem will be keeping a pulse on our various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, communicating and ensuring that your voices are heard.

Nenad, on the other hand, will be having a closer look at our forums and the Modding Discord - conveying feedback, assisting with your inquiries, and more.

You can reach out to both by tagging them or sending them a private message.


As part of the support team you’ve helped many players by pointing them in the right direction, figuring out their issues, and relaying them to the development team. You’ve now switched to the CM team with a focus on social media. Congratulations!

Please tell us more about yourself and your background. How did you get into Mount & Blade games?

My story with Mount & Blade got deeper when I first met my significant other who’s now my husband. At some point, he mentioned that the developers of his favorite game series were based in Ankara, where I live. That was the first time I heard that Taleworlds was creating its own legend - just a few miles away! It immediately fascinated me and made me a little proud.

After that, I kept a constant watch for job openings at Taleworlds, despite originally being on the path to a civil engineering career. However, the strong desire to turn my passion for gaming into a profession led me to seize the opportunity at Taleworlds, making a decisive change in my career. It was an exciting decision, and I am grateful to have embarked on this journey in Ankara as well!

My first attempts at playing Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord were rather embarrassing, though. Up until that point, I hadn't gained much experience in similar games. So, I climbed onto a horse at the training grounds - and got laughed at a bit… :grin:

What have you liked about helping our players?
Being in a position where you can assist players brings a certain level of gratification - both through interaction and by being able to help resolve their issues. In an effort to do that, I didn’t mind occasionally driving my colleagues a bit crazy :smile:.

Every player inquiry also brought a unique challenge to the table. This dynamic problem-solving aspect of my role kept me engaged - for example, assisting players in safeguarding their game files and tackling any issues that could potentially mess with their hard-earned progress.

Overall, it feels great to have been involved in our players' gaming journeys, dropping some gameplay tips and seeing them dominate Calradia.

What aspects of our game's community do you find most fascinating?
I'm really impressed by how many people are truly invested in the game, and it's been like that for a long time, starting from the original Mount & Blade, then Warband, and beyond.

But what really grabs me is the diversity of our community. People from all over the world come together, sharing strategies and stories. I'm blown away by the incredible stuff players come up with - publishing mods that create intense role-playing experiences in massive adventure worlds, not to mention the epic multiplayer battles. Spending time with this creative community is very inspiring.

As a fellow player, how do you experience Bannerlord and what are your favorite things to do?
Unfortunately, I'm not that great at combat, so I am a bit weary of Multiplayer. I prefer to stick to the Campaign with easier settings. I enjoy a peaceful playstyle that allows me to uncover new scenarios and explore the small details that make each game truly unique.

I like to relax while playing and creating my own worlds. That's why I find all the possibilities around character and clan development, companion selection, and customization, as well as their automated role within my "realm" particularly important and interesting.

And finally, care to share any Mount & Blade memes you’re a fan of?
I think we can all relate to this one…



Welcome, and congratulations on joining the team - let's use this opportunity to learn more about you. What can you tell us about your Mount & Blade journey?
I come from Serbia and I am a lifelong M&B fan, having played every title in the franchise. As a passionate gamer since childhood, I spent countless hours immersing myself in this captivating medieval world.

My journey within the Mount & Blade community began after the release of Warband. I was more of a lurker back then up until the year 2017. The Developer Blogs associated with Bannerlord drew me in and I have been an active participant since then - especially during the Bannerlord Closed Beta and Early Access as well as afterwards - sharing my thoughts on the game and advocating for changes through various threads - both mine and those created by my fellow forumites.

Some included Multiplayer screen suggestions (“Map+Faction Rotation Polls”), some proposed larger combat changes (Silen`s “Modified Combat Parameters”) and others championed for aesthetic improvements, such as the “Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive” and the list goes on.

In an effort to support the community, I joined the volunteer moderation team back in 2020 - which slowly brings us to the present time.

Could you share some of the experiences you’ve had in our community?
Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of my journey in this community has been the connections I've formed with fellow users, many of whom have become close friends. Together, we’ve shared gameplay experiences, discussed features, experienced the full release of the game and have had the opportunity to contribute some exciting ideas and suggestions.

It was truly humbling to receive positive feedback from the developers, particularly the 2D artists, who were inspired by the concepts we shared - leading to the aesthetic overhaul of classes in Patch b0.8.0. I was very happy to see such a talented group of developers actually taking our suggestions into consideration - a great many of which made it into the game.

What excites you about joining the Community Team?
Me joining the team gives me the opportunity not only to continue supporting our fellow players but also channel their excitement and help ensure their voices are being heard and understood by the talented team behind the scenes.

I've spent years in the trenches, sharing ideas, providing feedback, and witnessing the incredible creativity of this community. Aspiring to now help link the developers and players of that very same community definitely hits differently!

And what are some of your favorite gameplay mechanics in Bannerlord?
I very much like the “trade game” in Bannerlord! It's incredibly thrilling to see how a seemingly humble trade jobber or speculator can now embark on an adventure, paving their way to success through shrewd economic maneuvers.

This depth adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, where players must carefully consider factors such as resource availability, regional production capabilities, and market fluctuations. Combining this intricate economic simulation of Bannerlord with the ability to acquire castles and towns using your hard-earned gold, the game provides a style of play I truly enjoy.

By rewarding wit and cunning over brute force alone, I find the combination of these features to be a refreshing experience that sets it apart from its predecessors.

Switching to Multiplayer - what’s your preferred game mode?
Always and forever - Siege! It’s an experience that never fails to excite me due to the chaos that unfolds when breaching the castle gates. I like to use a two-hander - preferably menavlion. There’s something about its reach and devastating power that makes it my favorite.

Can you tell us about your experiences with our amazing modding community?
I have actively participated in our passionate modding community, which holds a special place in my heart.

As soon as I got my hands on Bannerlord, I started modding. Total conversion mods are my jam and I've eagerly offered my assistance to various projects which reciprocated through help I received on my own mods. There’s great joy to be found in playing and supporting these modifications and I can't wait to experience the fully released versions.

Most of my own mods remain unpublished tests, but I did enjoy making and releasing two - the CBU Pack and the Historical Banner Icons. Perhaps I can share a screenshot from an older version of the former - a birds eye view of Calradia!

Congrats guys!, especially to my dear Nenad. All the best.
Best plot twist EVA! :lol:

[...]I like to use a two-hander - preferably menavlion. There’s something about its reach and devastating power that makes it my favorite.[...]

Dude... :lol:
Thank you all for the warm welcome and good wishes! Your support means a lot, and I'm looking forward to our journey together! I want to extend a special thanks to Dejan for the introduction.
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