Introduce the original crafting system

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Iirc the original plan for crafting system was to have the player be able to visit a smith in town and order them to craft a weapon for them using the kind of smithing screen we have now. It would be very nice to have this system implemented in game for those of us who don't enjoy smithing but still want to be able to have customised weapons. I don't see any gameplay or balance issues with introducing this option without altering or removing the current smithing system.


Agreed - to balance it out just make the cost rather astronomical.
Why astonomical?

Smithing - as I see it - is a incomesource rather than a shortcut "have the best weapons"

Compare Smithing to Trade and Stewardship.

But OFC a T6 weapon with a good modifer should be very costly! As well should it be rare and hard to produce with Smithing.
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