Inter-party training battles.

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What I'd like?

I'd like the ability to train my troops with my own troops. I'd like to be able to have a practice fight with my troops. Experience, the occassional death and wounded as a result.

How I imagine it?

I imagine a button or way on the campaign map to intiate a sort of "custom battle" limited by your own troop numbers and only able to assign troops of your tier or lower. I would prefer if you could retrain lower tiers to a different pathway though but I'd settle for, what you got is what you can pit against each other.

Why I think it would be good?

It'd be more fun than fighting bandits. You could fight battles that you think would be fun with reduced risk. You could try out different compositions easier. You'd experience larger battles and, IMO, it would better than you would with the regular game loop. I get to the point in a campaign sometimes when I just ride around stomping bandits easily to level my troops when I don't need gold or loot. It's no challenge and it feels like a grind. I do it to minimize risk and prepare for larger battles which are more fun. If we had the ability to have inter-party training battles I would simply be having more fun more of the time.

I believe if you got morale penalties, injuries and the odd death (which would be realistic) without loot that it wouldn't be absurdly overpowered too.

Thanks for listening, love the game and I hope you could make something like this work.
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