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Enter at the link below to win the ultimate Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord gaming bundle, featuring an Intel® Core™ i7 processor powered laptop.

Edit: Please make sure to select the correct region in both the top navigation bar AND the form to ensure your entry is accepted. Successful entries will display a confirmation screen.

Select the region at the top of the page first:

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Then select the same region on the form:

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Thanks for the nice giveaway. Its nice to see that its not restricted to the US like its often the case. Greatings frrom germany :smile:
Can this lottery get even more discriminatory? So what I live in whateveristan - why am I not allowed to participate? ANd they say, BLM. GEOGRAPHY MATTERS!


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TW lucky that this isnt america cuz people would be calling racism on geographical scale etc


Why is so much of EU left out ... The shipping would be literally the same as in Germany. ;( we are all trying to be the same market (hopefully)


When and how will the winners be announced?

I think announcement will come after the winners are finalized. But there must be a suitable participation and return required. 1 week for selecting winning candidate and substitutes, then max. 1 week for respond them back via by email to finalize it.
(check conditions to be sure)

For US & CA:

2. Winner Submission
Winner(s) will be selected in [a] random drawing(s) from all eligible entries received. Prize drawings will be conducted on or about September 6, 2020 by Intel independent representatives, whose decisions are final and binding regarding all aspects of the Sweepstakes. Winners will be notified by email at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

For UK:


7.1 Winner will be notified via email within 14 days of winning the prize and will be required to send Intel their details (telephone number, email address and postal address), and if requested proof of eligibility. If Intel does not receive a reply with all required information (including, if requested, proof of eligibility) within 7 days, Intel reserves the right to re-award the prize to another participant randomly selected at the same time as the original.

Fur DE:
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