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Integrating New Troops?

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Spent the past couple days creating female variants of every main faction's troops, and I'm now at a loss as there's no real information on how to do this. So far, I've done:

Created new templates for each race, using the NPCCharacters XML.
Gave each template a unique ID
Created duplicates of all of the standard troops, each of their IDs prefixed with aaafyty_f_
Changed all their upgrade IDs to point to the new female troops
Changed the face template to point to the new female templates
Added the filenames of the .xml files to SubModule.XML's XMLNode list

Now, how do I get these to actually be in game? I.E, to appear in armies and to be recruitable from settlements?

Here's an archive containing the module with my work so far: https://mega.nz/file/CkN0TbTb#itMruWRiO3m4HFSiKG2A1F7kiAr10z4ZmmTnW09xJ4o
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