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A problem I have with Warband that has been around for a while is that only five modules show up. Move some others and the desired one appears. Might not be the same problem for you folks though. :s


Sergeant Knight
Well, I tried using 4 mirros at the same time, didn't work. But I think it's not only L'Aigle, I treid to download another mod  for GTA San Andreas and it had the same problem. And was in .rar file too.

Perhaps it's because of that cursed Search Protect, I can't unnistall it.


ClearlyInvisible said:
Might have been a corrupted mirror or download. Mind telling me which one you used?
I used the first mediafire..but i don't think it has to do with the mirrors, they're fine actually....just my computer doing crazy stuff lately, sometimes it shuts down for absolute no reason, so yeah most likely just a computer problem.
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