Installing WSE on dedicated server

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Hey everyone,
I'm having a bit of trouble installing WSE on my dedicated mod files. So I appended everything that contains an _addon and switchd the file when asked for.. So after I've done that, I added a bit of logic into wse_chat_message_received but for some reason it won't trigger... So I'm wondering if perhaps my setup was incorrect.. Do I need to use custom exes or something to compile mod files/run them other than just.. compiling them like regular?
("wse_chat_message_received", [
  (store_script_param, ":player_no", 1),
  (store_script_param, ":chat_type", 2),
  (player_get_unique_id, reg44, ":player_no"),
    (eq, reg44, 1477436),
    (try_for_players, ":player", 1),
      (player_is_active, ":player"),
      (call_script, "script_send_colored_chat", ":player", "str_arthur_chat_2", chat_color_console),
  (set_trigger_result, 1),

the script "script_send_colored_chat" was added by another modder and basically sends a chat message of a custom color...

So my question is where did things go wrong in this setup...
Namakan said:
Are you using the provided server files? e.g. WSEServerLoader.exe to start the server
So I tried with WSELoaderServer but wse_loader_log shows that I'm running an unsupported version of Warband (WSE only supports version 1.174)... (I'm playing with NW mod)
My mod file is nw with Warband 1174 and nw 1210.. I'm not rlly sure how to fix this...
do I need to add something specific to the .ini or something?
Thanks for your replies.. I was able to resolve it in some unknown way but its still not working as expected. I will follow up this question with replies at the WSE thread. Thanks Namakan!
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