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Yes, I used mods.


I found that after the last patch to 1.5.7 from yesterday, the influence costs for calling lords to your army was crazy high (>2000 sometims). The only ones I could still call for 0 influence were my clan members.
I went back through all my saves of that playthrough and realized that with the exact moment that I chose the inspiring leader perk (175 leadership), the whole thing messed up. I guess that there is a simple problem with getting the decimals right.

How to Reproduce:
Load saves when I don't yet have the perk.


I used the respec mod to reset my perks and I chose Uplifting Spirit as 175 perk in leadership. This fixes the problem for me.
Otherwise everything was the same (mods, game version...)

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Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. For more information regarding how to send us your save files, you can check this thread out. You can find your save file here:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves

You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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