BL Coding Inquire about sound modification (voice_definitions.xml)

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Hi all,

I wonder how to correctly modify the voice. For example, how to modify the volume of voice?

I am trying to replace the death voice, and the volume is very weak. Actually, the original death voice's volume is already weaker than other voices' volume (weird?). I want to increase the volume. Also, I found there is a limitation of the playing time that M&B 2 only play 1 second for voice although the sound document is 5 seconds.

It still shows some problems that in voice_definitions.xml, each animation of each human set can only have one clip and the original voice cannot be well replaced by the new one. (This seems to be reported before by some modders.)

(I am not sure which forum should I post, so I post both. Please feel free to tell me if I need to delete one of it)
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