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So you decided to give a spin at the good 'ol modeling eh? Well, there are few things  you need to know to get yourself started.

Before we start, I just need to tell you this. This ain't no tutorial on how to become a pro modeller for professional companies – By Mr.master/WEe. I don't teach you no tricks n tips. I just point you the right way where you might learn them. It's aimed for beginners wondering about starting modelling for Mount&Blade series, or Modelling in general. Might have some useful links for advanced modellers, who knows.

Hurr what programs do I need to model/texture?
A question which has been asked too many times, and as in most cases, you will get 2 choices
Blender or Wings 3D for modelling. Most used around this forum (Because they are free!). Here, have a link, or even two!


Both are very good, blender is more future rich though. Take time to learn both and see which suits your needs better for the time being.

Of course, if you are a student, you have several more choices. For example, Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3DS Max,which are professional tools. If you are a student, you should make good use of them as long as you can.

For texturing, I suggest Gimp as it's the most future rich of the free ones. Paint.net is good too, but lacks some features for advanced texturing. Oh and yes, they both are FREE!


Now of course if you have the money, you could purchase photoshop which of all is the best image editing software to my knowledge. Of course, it does cost a few bucks.

Hurr What programs do I need to add it in to Vanilla/Warband?

Search no further for your answer is answered.


And a tutorial to get you started. Fancy eh?


Hurr how to model and/or texture?

You don't know how to already? Too bad, cuz we don't know either.


There are some tutorials already lying around the forums which are always linked for those in need. Here, I made it easy for you:

The so famous series created by Highelf (RECOMMENDED FOR ALL BEGINNERS! ALWAYS)


Teaches the basic controls, making a sword, a helmet, texturing the helmet, uvmapping it etc.  Very very useful stuff. Many hours spent on these vids when I started. Would have been lost without them, and so would countless amount of other peeps too.
Cheers for Highelf!

My tuts (Yes I very bad for linking my own tuts.):


Teaches some ”advanced” modeling techniques, making your very own metal textures, uvmapping, baking ao etc. They tend to be a bit long, so make sure you have enough time reserved for them.

Lucke189's Texturing tutorial:


Very useful, only pics and text involved. Shows uvmapping of a sword and texturing it.

Buxtons Texturing tutorial:

Buxtons simple, yet useful tutorial on uvmapping and texturing.

Rgcotl's Heightmap, normal map, plumes etc tutorial.


A very good tutorial. Shows you how to hand paint your own heightmaps, normal maps, how to make very very good looking plumes etc. Trust me, you don't want to miss proper height and normal map making. And if your doing some fancy helmets, surely you will want to learn how to make plumes.

Xpearse's Making your own zombie faces using photoshop (BEWARE! Might be a bit graphic)


You know you want to. Very useful if you are in need of new zombie skins.

Lumos made a tutorial on Texturing using Projection Camera in Wings 3D – EXTENDED


Very useful, showing a different technique of uvmapping a model. Take a look!

Xpearse – Tutorial UV Mapping and Texturing


A basic tutorial on uvmapping and texturing. Take a look!

Yoshiboy's Texturing tips and tricks


Very useful too, take a look. He talks about several stuff, like photo textures, tiling textures, alpha maps etc. Very useful to know, especially if you are a beginner.

Shotgun Modelling Tutorial on youtube by Arenovalis

A very good 4-part series. Goes all the way from creating the high poly from scratch, to making the low poly, baking it, uvmapping it and texturing it. WATCH IT!

Other Links:

The infamous 3D Art thread created before the dawn of times:
(Please post all your 3D related stuff there rather than starting a seperate topic for them. Thanks!)


Some serious skill there. DO check it out. Trust me, you won't regret it. Some of our forumites post there (Including me). Many many gaming companies post their job ad's there too.

Some awesome tuts. Check em out!

Great 3D site with purchasable tutorials, as well as great free ones. (Especially if your looking for high to low poly baking, I suggest this:smile:


A free tool for baking normal maps, AO maps etc. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Some advices for beginners.

Well, If I'm to give some, Id say that take your time before joining/starting a mod after you have created a few models. Trust me.  It's a nice thing that you offer your services after creating a few swords, but from my experience, take more time to expand your modelling knowledge and skills before jumping ahead. Almost anyone can model, but if you can clearly standout from the crowd with your skills, you will be wanted/taken seriously etc. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to show your work. Criticism will help you make your models that much better and enchance your skills! Everyone one of us has started from zero, and the only way from there is up.

So, what are you waiting for, Christmas? Go on, GET STARTED ON MODELLING N TEXTURING!


Reserved for possible future uses. Also, the tutorial list will be updated from time to time. Already have some stuff to add to it. Just have to find them again.


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Lol I see some of my stuff there, nice job with this topic by the way. I see there are some texturing tutorials so here are some others that are on the forum that you should probably add.

Poomtang's texturing tutorial masterclass

And a tutorial that I found after searching through old pages of mod development, it seems really useful and I wondered why it wasn't in the tutorials section but I guess people forgot or didn't notice it. The end result of it looks really amazing so be sure to check it out. I bookmarked it months ago so I wouldn't forget.

Niek's Texturing Tut


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i know i will sound like a nob but how do i import stuff from open BRF edit in to wings 3D? any help would be really good


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hudson57 said:
i know i will sound like a nob but how do i import stuff from open BRF edit in to wings 3D? any help would be really good

Right click export as static and then import that into wings 3d.


I'm using the image editing software PhotoStudio, it's also a professional photo editing software for mac especially good for photo editing newbies.
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