Infantry formations are broken in army

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Whenever I am in an army (leader or troop commander), the infantry will not make a tight formation (e.g. square, shield wall where they are shoulder to shoulder) 95% of the time. Occasionally they will, but for no reason I can discern. Is this a bug others are experiencing? It is never a problem when I am just in my own party.
It is becouse lords\captains on mounts in squad. Try to kill his horse.

Before this patch, I had "captains" or companions on horseback in my infantry line and they still held a tight formation. Not sure what changed with this patch but my losses went from 5-10 percent in battles to 30 percent simply because of these "loose" formations now. Rather unfortunate. My square formation supported heavily by my archers use to work wonders, especially when i was desperately outnumbered.
But I'll try to pull them off the horses now as hopefully a "temporary" fix. Thanks
This wasn't an issue prior to 1.4. It makes you wonder how they managed to break it.

I had this exact issue in 1.4.2 and 1.4.3

The problem, as someone noted above, is that the formation wants to space out when it detects a mounted character. If you dismount everyone and then reposition them or have them shield wall and then go back to line formation it fixes it.
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