Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24

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Infantrie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24 prides itself in it's versatility, excelling in both marksmanship and melee. Melee is truly our distinguishing characteristic and we take pride in our melee ability. Many of our members are Groupfighting and NWEC Tournament winners, as well as being veterans from the old MM era. Furthermore, leadership is also an important part of our repertoire. We have a committed Officer staff that values knowledge of field tactics as much as pastoral support of our members through thorough training and not least the administration side of the regiment.

In the 24th we understand that games are played in order to have fun! As such when playing our primary goal is to have fun, accordingly we do not employ rules such as Permission-to-Speak and no talking in the chat while playing. We trust our members to know and understand when it's time to focus and be disciplined, in the security of having the backdrop of liberal, entertaining discussion when battles are in their less intense stages. Our members' ability to be independently responsible and disciplined when needed explains why we have so many highly-regarded community contributors: Official Servers Admins, Tournament Runners (Groupfighting and NWEC), Graphics Designers and Gameplay Testers. We are not a regiment of drones, but rather a collection of creative and independent-minded individuals, and this culture is what makes us thrive!

24th's long term goal is to become established as a respected regiment in the community known for both for maturity and excellence in melee. This means we areopen for recruitment. Any player who shares aforementioned traits of a 24th player is welcome to join us. Battle experience and the friendly and informative Regiment atmosphere will bring any enthusiastic and mature players up to standard in no time. So, we direct all interested to the 'Recruitment' Section below on this thread and await your applications with anticipation!​

To see our roster that includes all enlisted rankers and reserves please go to our Website.


Joining the 24th is simple! Just follow these steps:


Firstly, register on our Website! After registering go to our Recruitment Page to fill out the questionnaire. It is likely your application will be accepted or declined within a following 24-hour period.


Secondly, go to our Steam Group and add one of the NCOs, best person to add is the Head of Recruitment! He will likely accept your application and then introduce you to the regiment. Steam is mandatory as it is the primary medium for issuing event notifications.


Thirdly, or instead of going via Steam, come to our Teamspeak Server. Our address is: If you don't have Teamspeak 3 you can download it from here. Teamspeak is mandatory as we use it to communicate and issue orders in battle.

That's it!


Since I am muted on FSE I will post here.
Looking forward to being in this regiment and doing line battles after that rape yesterday
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