Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

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Hey there, trying to get better at Bannerlord.

So due to the speed at which u can shoot the notched arrow it is possible to kick the approaching inf and have enough time to shoot him while stunned after being kicked. What is the best and the fastest strategy of neutralizing the archer threat as inf then as getting close to disable his bow is dangerous, as mentioned above. Hard to dodge a kick while blocking with shield while trying to dodge also gives the archer a lot of space to do stuff.

What is the optimal approach


To counter this play, change directions right before you enter kick range; the closer you are to the kick range before changing directions, the better chance you have of baiting a kick from them and going into melee. This is done best with a quick turn so that you don’t lose too much speed as you otherwise would if you strafed or stopped completely.

To avoid this play, approach at an angle so that the enemy archer is forced to turn and follow you when attempting to kick you instead of waiting for you to run straight at them. Running straight at an enemy archer is a great way to get kicked basically

Positioning is also key a good archer will usually have an escape plan if they are being run down. Try sneaking up on them or cornering them with your team. Don’t get caught out in the open either. Your positioning, no matter which class, is important!
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Then I give him time to run away and keep shooting. Not really the best way to neutralize an archer, slowing yourself in front of him.

Also, doesn't quick turn give him area to shoot me outside of my shield? Despite holding block while turning


You mentioned in your post though that being kicked and shot is your issue. To not get kicked you need to use some fancy footwork because as I mentioned, running straight at them will get you kicked. Good archers will usually get away unless you can bait them into making a play.
For the quick turn I’m taking about turning extremely quickly so that your just out of range of the kick for like half a second before you turn back. You can also just strafe out of the way of the kick if you want but like I said that does cost more speed.


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My method in Warband was to jump straight into the archer, which will stagger them, and you'll avoid any kick they might do. But it can be tricky knowing when to release your shield to attack, since they can aim and shoot a readied projectile very quickly. Also, they can bring out their shield at a lightning fast speed (unfairly IMO), so an attack of your own right after they've been staggered might not necessarily land. They might jump themselves too, rather than kick, since they can shoot over your shield at a close enough distance, so you'll need to raise your shield up if that happens (although they might get staggered anyway).

I'm not sure if any of this is possible in Bannerlord, however, because the jumps are quite lame, and apparently you can get kicked in midair.

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Yeah, no more jumping to avoid kicks like in Warband (which honestly, was a perfectly fair and justified counter-play, since it meant you predicted your enemy's intentions, and then performed the necessary action to counter them).

That being said, it has become easier to avoid kicks with lateral movement post-1.4.3


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In case someone has the same issue and finds this thread by search function - I did some testing and it seems that the go-to action is to use the new shield bash as u approach the aiming archer. It has an ok range and I have not yet been shot close range mid-shieldbash-animation, yet I am not sure if that is impossible/unlikely. It definitely is faster than a swing, which should result in a smaller time window for the archer to shoot you during the wind-up animation, and has better range than hugging the archer to disable his bow, which lowers the risk of being kicked during the approach (and makes dodging the kick viable since u dont have to hug to disable the archer)
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