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Increasing the death rate of characters

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I think you might still end up with a similar problem as your picture because eventually you would end up with a bunch of weak surviving lords who would just surrender immediately every time.
you may be right, but the gameplay will change to a more hardcore side, because you can not just go in the first rows, because you can die


Duh said that in 1.6.1-1.6.2 they may enable death in battle for AI vs AI battles, so there will be more overall deaths in the game world. If this will work as intended, I wouldn't set the death rate higher than 15-20%. 50% is way too much, I suppose, considering that children grow up quite slow, so clans may not be able to recover if too many adults will die.
By the way, it would be possible to make it so that from ordinary people or from the nobility in the city, new clans appeared, if the old ones died


This is like a mountain of stuff they need to do to make this part of the game good.
1 I agree, same death chance for all lords, not just player related battles
2 Yes, babies take way too long to become clan members, it's really obnoxious and out of sync with the rest of the game. If you're okay with a year being 88 days you can have baby grow up in 18seasons, why not?
3 Medicine and perks revisions to effect survivability
4 armor and damage formula revisions, no more "get hit gotta quit", want reasonable damage and combat play if we risk death more, I want this anyways
5 Personalities and grudges! There seems to be some shallow vestigial stuff related to this in game, but if you kill somebody family on battle some lords should want revenge, some will just hate you, some will scheme to undermine you indirectly or assignat you ,some will understand out of honor for warriors and such. It's not good enough to just have "npc deleted, the end".
6 Child adoptions and clan resurgence, in case all adult do die, the children and clans aren't gone forever!

There's just so much!
"1 I agree, same death chance for all lords, not just player related battles"

All other points too ^^
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50-50 is too much, after a game year there will simply be no clans and their participants in the world because they will all die in battles)


I think smaller death chance for lords is good. People have been complaining about even the 10% death rate, and even at that rate lords were dropping like flies. Even with the now lowered death chance I've had 2 enemy lords die in one battle (out of 3 total lords in battle), so it can still happen. If anything, if you want to make this low death chance justifiable, then make armor tiers actually impact death chance. So heavy armor (which lords are wearing) is very low death chance and maybe lower clan tiers which will have less effective armor will have higher death chances. Same principle could apply to regular troops, companions, and the player.

For what is suggested here (very high lord death chance), It would be very easy for the player to just ignore the lord's surrender pleas and still go in battle and simply kill them. Kill all lords win the game. Unless you make children age super fast (which would really break immersion), there is no chance this would work.

Even in battles with equal fighting power (which are easily winnable) a LOT of lords would die. At this point no lord would go over age 20.

Promoting less battles in a game about fighting where battles are pretty much the best thing we have, is a bit anti-climatic, even if it would make sense in some cases. At most, they should increase the attempt of surrendering when severely outnumbered and when severely outmatched (the more you beat on the same lord the more he learns and the more he is likely to surrender to you. The same way, if a lord beats you a lot (which will never happen let's be honest) but you outnumber him then he will be less likely to want to surrender.

Personally I like the finally lower death chance in battle. As long as it will happen between lord vs lord without player interaction as well (and it will, still, will be a rare occurance), that's good. You have the choice to execute a lord if you really want to so it's not like we're stuck fighting the same lord forever with no options presented to us.
execution in the game works terribly, your relations with almost all clans, even friendly ones, deteriorate, and this is illogical. if they make it so that relations will only deteriorate with the clan whose member you executed, it will be much more logical and better, I think
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