Increase Battle size cap from 2048 with mod (including horse) to 4096 and enable it in config

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I understand that Taleworld places high importance on preventing crushes and that too large battles can cause a crush with the innocent player. I would however like to suggest that you enable larger battle sizes either in config or in settings alongside a warning popup. Because battle is one of the important and "selling" aspects of the game. Since average large army size that you see in the game is in the range of 1000 troops, 2048 not including horses (and 4096 including horses) appears to be a perfectly fine limit. I used to set 1000 troops battle in my old pc from 6 years ago with i7, 760 graphic card and 16GB memory and it worked perfectly fine. We will all upgrade our PC eventually and be able to run these larger troop battle eventually. as it runs today with troops spawning in large battles makes the battle experience less enjoyable in my opinion.

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This is an engine issue, not a "upgrade your pc" issue. Boosting up to 4096 troops in the fight will only causes longterm issues. 1000 is enough.


Well, since Bannerlord had become one of the most popular games in history with a hundreds of millions of dollars market value, I think if it is an engine issue, replacing or fixing the engine will be the best course of action.
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