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No, I didn't use any mods.


I'm with the Vlandians. We aren't at war with anyone. Most recent war had been against Sturgians, but that ended a few days back.

Soooo...the rest of the lords vote unanimously to go to war against the Aserai. Ummmm....we have nothing bordering the Aserai.

We war them a while trading for Garantor, but I refuse to involve myself in that stupidity and I feel the only reason it was declared was so I would move my troops to that area so someone else could declare on us and try to take my holdings.. My holdings are Northwestern, mostly Sturgian area.

After a while we decide to declare another war....this one is on the Southern Empire. Again, we have nothing even bordering them. The closest is Epicrotia's nearness to Saneopa.

Now understand, we border the Western Empire, Northern Empire, Battanians, and Sturgians. By what logic would we decide not to declare war on them, but declare 2 separate wars, at the same time, against empires we don't even border? As far as I can tell, its just the game trying to draw my troops away from my holdings so the empires we do border can declare on us and quickly besiege multiple holdings of mine. I refuse to participate.

Understand that if the Western Empire to the south of us declared war on us, or if we declared on them, I would go help out, because at least we border them, even though its not close to my personal holdings, but I won't do so when its us declaring against empires we don't even border.

Mostly this is a rant/complaint, but the logic for these wars is so bad I feel it does qualify as a glitch. I mean at least if it was them declaring against us I could justify it a little that they think we are getting too big and want to try to control us, especially if we were warring others. But there is no justification in this case.


So....the Sturgians eventually declare war on us. About a day later the Aserai send an offer asking for peace and saying they will pay 5760 per day. We have gained a town and either 2 or 3 castles in the war. Quite frankly, thats the highest total I've ever seen offered to an empire I am part of. Although a couple lords agreed to it, even with me going all in it still failed to pass. So we continue at war with 3 empires now. This makes sense?


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Community Support
Hey, can you please share your save file with us via Ticket so we can further inspect the issue? To send us a ticket, please visit the site and login to your forum account from the top right. Click to "My Account" and then click to "My Open Tickets". You can create a ticket there and include the save file and as well as the forum link of this thread. You can find more info about how to upload files to us with the new ticketing system here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


This is happening on console as well! With vlandia and Just finished a war with sturgia then aserai decided to declare war, no interactions between each faction either prior to war, now their peace declaration is increasing in price with nothing going on.


Here's another situation... We just ended a war with Sturgia, which gained us 3 territories because I had the only army involved in it. We were/are also at war with the Aserai, which, so far we've lost Husn Fulq, Sahel Castle & Razih to them. This is still an ongoing war. Generally, we've had 2 to 3 other armies down there, which just can't handle them. (The only reason we had those was because before taking on the Sturgians I had been down there and took back Husn Fulq, Shibal Zumr Castle, Tamnuh castle, and Razih. We got peace with them, but of course within a season we were back at war with them.) Anyways, about a day after ending the war with Sturgia I get a pop-up asking if I want to go to war with the Khuzaits.

Why? We are already in a war we are losing and this would be a war in the same area, which means we can lose even easier. Why in hell does it make sense to want to start another war when we are already in an active war we are losing? FIRST, we should vote to end the Aserai war. THEN, AFTER a couple days for our armies to recover, start a war with the Khuzaits, if you want to. But the game wants to start a war with the Khuzaits just so we will be more firmly overwhelmed and its easier to vote for peace with the Aserai. It can't ever decide that the one war we are in should be ended. It can only be if there are multiple wars.

Logically, even if you are winning a war, you shouldn't be voting to go to war with someone else unless the one you are at war with has no other territories left to take from them. It shouldn't be hard to set the war logic that way. This is just one more example where it would really make sense to have the Devs actually try playing the game from time to time so they could understand where the problems are.


Sooo....after we declare war on the Khuzaits (yes, 8 of 9 lords voted for it) the Khuzaits take Amprela. A few hours after that we 100% accept peace from the Aserai (yes, we've lost one more territory). Within 2 hours (game time) after that I get a pop-up asking if we want to declare war on the Vlandians. Again, why? We haven't even had a chance to recover from the disastrous Aserai war and we just started a war with the Khuzaits. The Vlandians are on the other side of the map and we've never fought them before. Which of course means the Vlandians are the strongest empire on the map, even stronger than us. Why do we want a war with them? Welll...because it makes the least sense of anything we could do of course. I mean...if the Vlandians declared on us I could understand it, but for us to WANT a war with them, while we are already fighting a war and have all our troops on the other side of the map from them? Pick any other kingdom & it makes more sense, although, again, if we just declared on the Khuzaits why should we want multiple opponents at one time?

So when the timer is almost out on the vote situation I go into it. Of course all 10 lords that voted are for the war. As always there's never a reason for me to vote because my vote can't overturn what everyone else wants. The only way to stop it would be if I was ruler, but Rhagaea hasn't died yet (I'm with Southern Empire) so whatever stupidity everyone else wants ends up being what happens. I will say the reason makes sense (If we don't stop them they will devour all of Calradia) but they should have thought of this before declaring on the Khuzaits and after getting peace with the Aserai.

I'll get over there as soon as I can, but I expect the Vlandians will start attacking with armies totaling 1700+ & my army of 700, including my family members, won't be able to do much and there's no one over there to recruit other lords from either.
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Further update....

Of course shortly after we declare war against the Vlandians both the Sturgians & Northern Empire declare war on us. Pretty much expected and makes sense. But...a bit later we are able to obtain peace with the Vlandians. I focus my efforts on the Northern Empire since they only have 2 towns (& no castles) left. I succeed in taking both towns and now they have no holdings. At times they want us to pay them, at times we could even get a cease fire with them paying a small amount. But no, my empire has no interest in a cease fire in which the opposing empire has no territories to gain and for which they are regularly offering me 0 denars for prisoner lords. Bottom line is there is absolutely nothing to gain by continuing a war with them & having them continue to raid our villages, but we want to continue this. Does this make any sense at all?

@uçanbiblo can you please talk to your manager about having the devs actually try playing the game for a couple days a month and if they can't find any problems with it, have them fired? They obviously don't have the intellect of a 10-year old if they see no problems with the game. And if they see problems with the game, then they will understand those problems better and it should be easier to fix them.

Some of these should be easy fixes. I'm not a programmer, but I could see where "If already at war with a faction that has holdings, then lords should not want to vote for starting a war against another empire." "If at war with a faction that has no holdings, then lords should approve of peace with them for 500 denars a month or less." These are not difficult things to implement.
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